Philips launches Intelligent Styling Hair Care Range

New Delhi:Philips has launched triple “wow” factor to its Hair Care category with the announcement of Bollywood style icon Kareena Kapoor as its brand ambassador for the Hair Care range, the launch of the Philips Intelligent styling range of hair care products, and the publication of Philips Vogue Veda, a hair styling guide, created by Andy Uffels, Global Philips Styling Expert and Top Fashion Stylist.
True to its name, the Philips Intelligent hair styling range combines intelligence and style to help women create their own ‘wow’ hairstyles at home. Backed by advanced technology and consumer research to understand the styling needs of Indian women today, Philips offers four new hair styling products that ensure quick and easy home hair styling without any hair damage. The new range comes with a step-by-step smart style guide – Vogue Veda – by Kareena Kapoor to help create multiple styles, Just Like that.
“Kareena embodies today’s woman, who believes she can have it all. At Philips, we endeavor to give women this freedom, and who better to endorse these Intelligent Beauty Products than Kareena Kapoor, a woman who truly represents the Beauty with Brains image,” said Aarushi Agarwal, Director Marketing, Personal Care, Consumer Lifestyle, Philips India. “We believe The Vogue Veda along with the Philips Intelligent hair styling range would empower women to experiment and Always Look their Best Always. In about 15 minutes, you can make a Bad Hair Day into a WOW day, with the help Of Kareena, Philips Intelligent Styling and Vogue Veda.”
Talking about her association with Philips, Kareena Kapoor, Bollywood actor and Philips India’s women’s hair care range brand ambassador, said, “It’s the first time a celebrity is endorsing a Hair styling range and I am proud to be associated with Philips.”
The first range that Kareena will be endorsing for Philips India is the new Intelligent hair styling range. “Today, young women are constantly trying to style their hair to try different looks. The intelligent styling range of products uses technology to let us make different styles with a lot of ease, hence they give you “Wow styles Just like that”, added Kareena Kapoor.
The Philips Intelligent styling range includes a multitude of products suiting different style needs:
Multi-Styling :

A style that requires a combination of straightening, curling and drying. HP8651: the HP8651 is the only Air Styler in India and offers the convenience of a brush and a hair dryer bundled into one devise leaving your second hand free. Also it has innovative attachments like  retractable bristle brush for easy release and bouncy waves and straightening comb for quick volume and shine in hair. In sum it has 5 different attachments which allows you to make 5 different hair styles. The product is priced at INR 2495.
Curls and Bounce:

HP8618: the HP8618 is an Intelligent Conical Curler has one of its kind Style sensor that beeps to tell you when the curl is ready so that you have the perfect curl without the risk of overheating. Being conical it allows you to choose either tight curls or waves according to your look. It has a cool tip for easy handling and a temperature and curling time display that lets you customize the style to your hair type. The product is priced at INR 2295.
Straights and Shine:

HP8339: the HP8339 is a Pro Care Straightener which comes with Temperature Precision Technology and Philips proprietary EHD (Even Heat Distribution) that allows for precise straightening without the risk of damage. It also comes with a temperature display and a restyling mode. The restyling mode lets you touch up the style and make it perfect without the worry of overheating of hair. The product is priced at INR 2995.
Blow and Shine :

HP8202: the HP8202 is the Salon Shine Care, It comes with Thermo protect and Philips proprietary EHD (Even Heat Distribution) that lets you style hair without risk of damage. With a six heat/speed settings with an additional feature of Ion Conditioning for extra shine and moisture lock. The product is priced at INR 1945.

Combination Offer (hair straightener and a blow dryer) :
In addition to the four new products, the range also offers a new Ionic Gift pack HP8299 which comes bundled with a hair straightener and a blow dryer. Both these products have ion conditioning, the technology that’s helps bring extra shine and protects hairs moisture. The dryer works at 2000W power and comes with six heat/speed settings while the straightener operates at 210 degree Celsius to offer damage free styling.

This combination offer is priced at INR 2995 which is approximately an INR 1000 saving on buying them separately.

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