Herbalife launches ‘Afresh’ Energy Drink

New Delhi: Herbalife India, a leading weight management, nutrition and personal care company, today launched Afresh instant energy drink mix in a new Elaichi flavour. Specifically produced to cater for the Indian consumers, this product can be purchased from the nearest Herbalife independent Distributors.

First launched in 2004, Afresh has received phenomenal feedback and users have long been expecting new flavours over the years. Inspired by the Indian palate, the Elaichi flavour is 100% vegetarian and like other Herbalife inner nutrition products, it is localized to suit local favour and created in accordance with Herbalife’s science based philosophy. Afresh is primarily an energy booster and can be consumed either hot or cold anytime of the day and comes in two other flavours, lemon and peach.

Commenting on the launch of the new flavour, Ajay Khanna, Country Head, Herbalife India said, “Herbalife recently completed 10 successful years in India, indicating a growing demand for health products in the market and also resonating the current trend of leading an active, healthy life amongst a large number of Indians. We are constantly working in tandem with these trends to provide healthy meal options, fulfilling Herbalife’s vision of ‘Changing People’s Lives’ and contributing to a healthier world.”

The Afresh energy drink contains two essential ingredients, the exotic Guarana plant which is native to the Amazon forests, and Orange Pekoe. The presence of Guarana in the drink helps sharpen mental alertness, reduces fatigue and elevates energy levels. On the other hand, Orange Pekoe acts as an active thermogenic and antioxidant resulting in the increased levels of calorie burning and fat oxidation, in addition to lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels.  

Herbalife recently announced their completion of 10 successful years in India as well as their plans for expansion across India.


  1. May i know its price?

  2. shaikh ilyas says:

    for weight purpose plz give me detailed about herbalife afresh energy drink mix. & dealer in Marathawa region for purchasing

  3. what is theactual price of afresh energy drink

  4. its price 526rs

  5. Are their any chances to gain weight using this product?

  6. Use F1 and F3(PPP) along with Cell Activator for Weight Gain , ask me how..
    I suggest don't use afresh for weight gain. Use it only for weight loss..

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